Open Positions

At Spyke, we try to find the best of the best and stay out of their way, so that innovation and creativity can flourish. Spyke is a fast-moving and ever-changing company due to autonomous teams and data-driven decision processes. Our goal is to work together towards a unified mission and push each other to be better. Join us if you want to be part of this adventure!

Backend Game Developer

Work on backend and architecture of global games.

Senior Illustrator

Develop cutting-edge visual elements for our games.

Senior 3D Artist

Help us visualize imaginary creatives that will engage with our audience.

2D Animator

Create realistic and highly stylized animations for a new mobile game.

Technical Artist

Dream up new visual ideas that will reach millions around the world

Data Scientist

Help us build, grow and optimize our mobile games.

Game Developer

Work on the client-side of global mobile games.

Marketing Artist

Help us develop cutting-edge visual elements for our games,

Performance Marketing Manager

Help us optimize and grow our mobile games worldwide.